Jailhouse Lawyers Speak is calling on community activists to engage with Prisoner led “AmendThe13th Org”

The “Amend the 13th: Abolish “Legal” Slavery in Amerika Movement” is an all-inclusive, coalition-based national campaign and community-based organizing effort which is determined to remove the “legal” and social basis for the dehumanization of those subject to the judicial machinery of the United States – and finally abolish slavery in Amerika once and for all.

The movement has three basic aims:

To amend the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to remove its “legal” slavery provision for all persons: including those found guilty and sentenced for a felony offence.

To abolish and/or repeal all “civil death” and social containment statutes and ordinances which do not afford prisoners, ex-offenders and their communities full human, political, economic and participatory rights in social life in Amerika that derive their power from the 13th Amendment.

To develop and implement as quickly as possible autonomous community-based economic, political and social infrastructure capable of eliminating, mitigating or diminishing to the greatest degree the negative impact of mass incarceration, criminalization and “legal” slavery on our communities.

Additional state coordinators are needed for this org. If you are willing, step up. Contact the ” Amend The 13th” National Coordinator at abashere276@gmail.com.

Yes, you are welcome to message or email us for information jailhouselawyersspeak@protonmail.com

Visit AmendThe13th.org for detailed information

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